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Roofing contractor

Roofing contractors are tough to hit upon, but Roofing contractor Houston TX are the best when it comes to repairs and replacement. We do different types of roofs, make all the necessary adjustments for your budget, and needs.

Emergency roofing

Emergency roofing problems can occur and when they do you need them fixed fast. Leaks, missing sections of roof are common causes and are normally caused by adverse weather conditions such as…

Roof replacement

As we are talking for the roof of your house, this automatically means that compromises here are not wanted. It is very important your roof to be quality installed because this is for your own safety.

Roof Repair

Since our development, Houston Advanced Roofing & Repair has offered re-roofing and roof repairs for slate, tile and metal roofs throughout the eastern suburbs, north shore and city areas of Houston

GIVE US A CALL AT (832) 593-0027

What We Offer

  • Roofing Tear Offs
  • Tech Shield Installed
  • Roofing Repairs
  • Gutters & Down Spouts
  • Carpentry Service
  • Insurance Claim Specialist
  • Fully Insured
  • Roof Inspection
  • Residential & Commercial

Advanced Roofing & Repair
Address: Houston, TX
Phone: (832) 593-0027

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Available Financing Options

We see to it that you and your family get covered with a friendly financing option so you won’t delay your roof repair, roof replacement or new roof installation.

  • Simple, fast and paperless process
  • No interest and no payment promotions
  • Low monthly payment plans
  • Staged funding
  • Quickest financing in Houston
  • Interest rate as low as 3.99%

We Work Directly with
Your Insurance Company

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Advanced Roofing & Repair
Houston, TX
Phone: (832) 593-0027

Advanced Roofing Houston is a member of National Roofing Contractors Association